All of us at some point wants to change or improve something about ourselves. We are trying to do it for many reasons. Losing weight – getting fit. Learning language to impress girl you like. And many many more.

We attack change with plan and usually massive motivation. We are starting to work on our big goals with smile. But somehow that big motivation is starting to slowly fade away. When we try continue we turn to our friend and ally willpower. For sometime it keeps us going. But willpower has it’s limits. We can’t just simply depend on it all the time. It has it’s limits as Barbara Oakley points out in her book and course “Learn how to learn”.

A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)
by Barbara Oakley

Learn how to learn course at (Free)

Over the many years people developed methods around issues of fading motivation. Try to look into what other people have done or is doing to overcome it. If you start digging around your issues believe me you will find things you never imagined. This will give you new perspectives in your challenges. Take your time and analyze things. I know analysis is paralysis. And sometimes it feels like waste of time. But it helps not to jump into too deep water before knowing how to swim. And knowing how to swim or motivate yourself is kinda important.

How you stay motivated?

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