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Magic of care

Care Nr. 2 When we care we put more effort into things we do. With more caring we can get the much better result from our own work. But the hard part is to start caring about something. This is… Continue Reading →

Get your focus back

List Nr. 1 Some days are chaotic and it looks like too many things are going on at the same time. When it happens it’s hard to get your focus together. And your little friends stress with anger are trying… Continue Reading →

Writing a mess

Writing is not so hard as it looks like at the beginning. You put your mind into it and start doing it, simple as that. But the problem is when you look at your created text from the different perspective… Continue Reading →

Fading motivation

All of us at some point wants to change or improve something about ourselves. We are trying to do it for many reasons. Losing weight – getting fit. Learning language to impressĀ girl you like. And many many more. We attack… Continue Reading →

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