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Beautiful data – fixing your boring presentation to make an impact

Most of us have been in the presentation there something really smart is being presented. The problem with these presentations is that most of the time they are very boring. In fact they are not only boring but painful to… Continue Reading →

Simplification: usually is the answer

Making things that are hard to understand is easy. You just dump what you know about subject and skip some bits and pieces along the way. Brains saves energy this way. Simplification on other hand needs some extra work. This… Continue Reading →

Handling Many Pains of Business Innovation

Healthy business always keeps a track of its pressures. Some pressures are external like  customer complains and some internal like efficiency issues and etc. One of the powerful tools to lower the amount of most pressures are innovation. But in… Continue Reading →

Fixing systems with spreadsheets

Each day we work with data and it comes from different sources and in different formats. Most of us face the same one problem. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and effort to get proper results from the internally existing systems…. Continue Reading →

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