Making things that are hard to understand is easy. You just dump what you know about subject and skip some bits and pieces along the way. Brains saves energy this way. Simplification on other hand needs some extra work. This is part of our nature to explain things in the level you understand yourself. When you work on the related topic on daily bases it just becomes natural to skip some parts. The more in-depth is your knowledge about the topic the more chance you will skip something. Usually we fail to explain it clearly because we don’t look at things from others perspective.

Person that you are trying to explain, has no idea what are you talking about. Text might not be read till the end. And if you are training someone they will leave most likely more confused when before it. Some people can digest your complex explanations just because everything are done by some people. As I have read couple weeks back: when you are preparing for presentation or trying to explain someone something that they have no clue about. You need to do it in entertaining way.

It’s hard to do it. But if you manage results will be many times better when full room of people thinking when this is gonna end and feeling pain listening to you. I know when creating presentation you think about what’s so existing about for you. But try looking at your presentation from other side of the room. Relate yourself with audience if they know what you are talking about do it one way if they don’t do it other way. Don’t use the same presentation for different audience unless you have only little time to prepare for next presentation.

Most things in the universe can be explained in simple terms. Simplify and focus on your delivery. Before starting on delivery know your purpose. Why you are doing it? What needs and has to stay with reader or listener? Work around it as your guideline. If it’s presentations relate to topics known to audience.

Also there are many tools around internet that helps to simplify and makes your texts easier to read. If it’s book or even blog text spend some time to proof read it and make it more for for your audience. Try to make your speech or texts as natural sounding as possible. By natural sounding I mean can you take your text and read it out loud without staging? If yes you have arrived and you can use it.

Sometimes ideas just come up. And you start writing about something when another idea come and you jump writing about it. At the end a lot is finished, but not completed. Work on your content first and when focus on delivery.

I always remember those daily post that are bombarding my phone notifications. When you open when they usually are useless and forced. It feels like people that write like this don’t put much in them. And honestly I think it should be tiring to write and post everyday. If you do that and your content is not only readable but also delivers something useful for others. Big respect for you.

Always remember to simplify your texts, explanation and everything related. Complicated stuff is just not interesting to read or listen. Don’t simplify everything too much and find the right spot between too simple and too complex. This is all down to your audience. Asking yourself how you could share information with them in the right way. Usually the answers is simplification.

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