Writing is not so hard as it looks like at the beginning. You put your mind into it and start doing it, simple as that. But the problem is when you look at your created text from the different perspective maybe after a bit of time and it looks messy. At least that’s how my written texts looks like to me at first stage.

This sole reason makes me to spend more time proofreading than writing. Actually this even prevented me from posting on my blog for a while. I continued writing new texts into my notebook. But I couldn’t get myself to push them to day light with couple hours of work. Now as I have realised this it was time for changes.

First I needed to accept that no matter how good at doing something anyone is, it will still need polishing, time and time again. It’s just a part of process making at least decent content.

Thinking deeper about writing a mess of thoughts idea came to me that actually it’s helping you to stay creative. Even if you jump in big leaps than writing. Jumping keeps you away from trying to write something in perfect polished way on the first try. Even thinking about this type of writing is painful.

If you are in the same or similar situation you should find a way to make annoying process parts fun. Sometimes it’s impossible or you are to lazy when just make it rewarding. Jump into it for 25 minutes or so ones you are finished give yourself reward. If can be something small like candy. Just think about that tasty candy and 25 minutes of work is not so long period for a candy. Rewards if used well will keep you motivated. Candy will switch your focus from pain to reward and process. It helped me a lot. Maybe it will help you too.

Keep smiling and enjoy what you are doing 🙂