Learning or working on creative projects are tough. Massive wave of motivation at first. And then you get into this low motivation period. You start to doubt it and fare is starting to creep on you. Not a nice place to be there the ideas come to die. So what is this place? And how to cross it? Let’s have a look around.
What is this scary place?
So your motivation dropped since you started to make up excuses. Welcome to the “valley of death” where ideas die. Fare and doubt rules the valley. They walk around with their noses high in the air. Happy to help you to kill any pesky ideas you have. Dead ideas are all over this valley. Unwritten texts, un-drawn drawings and etc… But the place is not that scary as your memory of the old ideas is long gone.
Why we fail to cross it so many times in a row?
I have entered this valley many times and failed to cross it. Which left me with ton of unfinished stuff. So trust me you are not alone in this one. Failing is part of the process. Keep trying and break down everything into as small bits as possible and you will be OK.
How to survive in the “valley of death” and what’s next?
There are a lot of books and online advises how to get things done even if motivation is low. But 99% of the time all you need to do is show up and put in the work consistently. And your fares and doubts will run away each time and will stop interrupting you. As consistent little results will push you forward, creating real enjoyment in the process.
Along with steps you will take, daily struggle will always be with you. If you fail don’t judge yourself, pick up where you left it and carry on with a smile and finish what you started.
As we challenge ourselves daily and run into “the valley of death” each time even if we fail we still should be proud. Trying is the first step in achieving something. Motivation will go down as a part of the process. Daily victories is far more important not to fail as they are what builds big things over time. It will never be easy, but if you will be still there putting in the work results will come.

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