In people’s lives and any organisation. There usually exists something that should not exist or should work in very different way. These little things most of the time is not important but takes pressures resources. And they do it just by existing. From persons perspective it could be some type of online subscription. It just hangs around and send you emails or even worse takes some money out of your bank account even if you don’t use it. In organisation it could be half dead process that still exists. Some people use it but each time they need it “dead cat” has to be brought back from the dead. This means loads of work invested before you can get something out of it.

In any case it stinks to have “dead cat” around. But than you look around were are quite few “dead cats” around you. Why is this? Why we are letting this wasting of resources that can’t be recovered?  This is a situation there are some resources to spare. Or at least they don’t impact us significantly. The “dead cats” are noticed when situation changes and we need to optimise our resources usage. But these periods usually involves other problems that needs our attention. And all this optimisation puts additional pressure on us. Why not kick back relax and have a good look at the big picture on a good day? Starting with changing small things nothing overwhelming. Saving a lot of resources in a long run.

Saving resources during good or profitable periods in the business is very beneficial. These small optimisation will save all types of resources. When hard period comes all of resources saved can be used as a back up pillow to easy the pain for individuals and organisations. This practice is not hard to implement into business and personal lives. We just have to follow one simple principle. Improvements needs to happen not only in hard times when we are facing problems. It also needs to happen when we are successful.

Putting this into your mind set and business strategy will help you to get good results. But to make it truly successful this needs to be addressed as process. If process is always happening and never dropped results usually will be better than expected. It’s like studying. You simply can’t learn massive amounts before exam. Knowledge happens bit by bit the same as change.

Finding and dealing with these resource sucking parts of your business will help you save or find more affective way of using resources. This is especially important when size of company is medium or bigger and a lot needs to be delivered. Efficiency is one of key measures of profitability. Addressing deeper issues of it will result to increased profits. Of course this needs to be done in all levels of company. And become natural to all employees.